The Word You Need To Add To Exercise And Your Workout To Succeed

We have our favorite, or maybe not so favorite, exercise workouts, and we try to stay "motivated" and keep them up. But, sometimes, that motivation slips, our good intentions stray, and we lose our forward impetus.What to do?Well, while there many motivational tips and tricks, and just plain self-discipline, and that's no fun, there is one way you can make your exercise workouts more regular and more effective.Add one word to "exercise" and/or "workout". It's a powerful word when used properly, but, be careful for there are pitfalls that come with incorrect use of such power.The word is... "routine".Yep, that one.Many people approach exercise in a casual, add-on, kind of way. They look at all the stuff they are doing already and try to figure out where they can add some exercise. Their mot

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