Fight the Temptation to Quit

What are you doing right now for your health? If you are on a journey to treat Type 2 diabetes, it is going to take some time. Reducing your blood sugar, improving your insulin resistance, and losing weight are no small tasks. Together, they are part of a process that requires your full dedication. You may stall, and you may struggle, particularly with the components that need you to eat well consistently. The only way to treat Type 2 diabetes effectively is with a healthy diet.

Again, you are going to stall, and you are going to struggle. It is wise to plan for this ahead of time if you are early in your journey. When that time comes, fight the temptation to quit. And keep on going!

If weight loss is your primary goal, there are different degrees of difficulty involved, and what you will face often depends on your…

  • starting point,
  • end goal,
  • previous history with weight loss, and to some extent,
  • your age.

It is evident the more progress you need to make, the longer it will take you and the more effort you will need to put in. If you have succeeded with weight loss in the past, you are more likely to have the courage required to overcome the challenges that arise. If not, you will have to anticipate them. Consider this your warning – it will get difficult, likely more than you expect. The mental battle will be just as hard to fight as the physical one.

When you start having doubts about whether you will make it or not, fight the temptation to quit, and keep going.

Weight loss and Type 2 diabetes are two prevalent sources of significant health problems for many adults around the globe: especially when you factor in aging. But, just because some things are more difficult to achieve as you get older, does not mean they are out of your reach.

Fight the temptation to quit, every single time.

As long as you are setting reasonable goals you know are right for you, there is no reason to quit. We are sure you will agree with this. Just remember what you signed up for, and what awaits you when you succeed…

  • don’t let Type 2 diabetes and high and unstable blood sugar readings chip away at your health and well-being and shorten your life.
  • don’t let your body weight invite similar health problems, and make you uncomfortable in your skin.

Eat well, exercise, establish a routine, and see it through. Quitting should never be an option. Never mind it can be a temptation – that is fine. But never give in, as you know it will not serve you any favors.

You can do it.