Popularity of Pamper Parties Ideas

Arranging a party is of so much fun, especially when it is for the children of the house. Today, children do not love the traditional style parties. Most of the people face problems in deciding the party themes. Pamper party is one of the latest theme parties. It is particularly for small girls.

What is a pamper party?

A pamper party is particularly for the girls. In these parties, teenage girls are given beauty treatments. The party offers various treatments like hair styling, make-up, manicure and foot massages. Most of the salons do not offer any special treatments for small girls. Hence, teenage girls enjoy these parties very much.

Enjoying the party:

The people from the salon will reach the venue beforehand. They will arrange all the required instruments for the makeover. After they finish the treatment, they will leave the party. Hence, the children can enjoy the drinks and flowers of the party after these treatments.

One can also keep fruit juices, flowers and party games for guests of the party. Providing these elements can make the party more interesting.

Few treatments offered in the pamper parties:

Fancy finger:

They will buff, sharpen and make the finger nails smooth till they get perfect. The girls can select their favorite nail-color. Cuticle oil is given for more nourishment.

Hand Treatments:

In the hand treatment section, the guests get fantastic massage. After the massage, they dip the hand in a paraffin wax infused with citrus. It nourishes and softens the hands deeply.

Twinkle Toes:

In this treatment, experts smoothed the nails till they become perfect. The girls can choose their favorite nail colors. Cuticle oil is given to nourish the toe nails.

Paraffin foot treatment:

It is a refreshing massage for the toes. The massage is very relaxing and comforting. After the treatments, the girls have to dip their foot into a paraffin wax. This dip makes the skin soft and nourishes deeply.

Shoulder and head massage:

It is a very comforting and relaxing massage. In this massage, the head and shoulder is given a heat pack. The heat pack helps to the increase the blood circulation. The main focus is to make them relaxed.

Pamper parties are very popular today. Most of the parents are surprising their little girls with these parties. Make the party more interesting with drinks, flowers and party games. Girls are given excellent body treatments. Treatments are given according to their age.