What to Look for and How to Find the Best Massage Table for Your Practice

Looking for an appropriate table as a student or as a replacement for your current table? There are a few things you will want to consider before deciding on which table to buy.

Here are some useful tips to utilize when choosing the best massage table for your needs and the comfort of your clients.

1. Strength & Stability.

If you are inclined to buy a cheap table just for the price; step back and ask yourself if the quality is up to your requirements? You need to be confident that the table will support your clients weight-no matter their size-without swaying, breaking, or crumbling under the their bodyweight.

Check the static weight and working weight to be confident they will fit your needs. Note that if you are doing a more strenuous type of body-work, such as deep tissue massage, you will be putting your table under a greater operating load.

2. Kinds of Bodywork

Certain kinds of body-work need certain features for your table. If you perform Reiki or energy work, look for a table with high end clothing that allow you to slip your legs underneath the desk at either end. If you do shiatsu as well as other forms of massage, look for a table with a shiatsu release cable so that you can reduced the mat to the floor.

3. Size and Dimensions

Width and measurements are about ergonomics as well as your clients’ relaxation. The table should be narrow enough to allow the therapist to reach across without limiting your ability to apply your specific techniques. The table should also be wide enough to ensure that your customers experience is completely safe on the table. The therapist should be able to lower and/or raise the table to the correct height for the application of proper massage therapy techniques.

4. Comfort

The table’s cushioning should be dense enough and durable enough for your massage therapy customers to lie on the table and be relaxed for the entire massage session. Also note that there are some forms of kinds massage therapy techniques that require a firmer, less supple surface for the application of the technique.

5. Weight

If you will need to transport your table, you will want to consider the weight of the table. Is it light enough to transport the table the entire distance you will need to take it? If you transport your table often, you will definitely need a lightweight massage table. Remember the weight of the table will be different to 6″ tall and 200 lbs. male therapist than in will be to a 5″2″ 120 lbs. female massage therapist.

Another option is to use a massage desk cart, where you can place the table on the cart and roll it, versus carrying it on your shoulder.