Urine Stinks, So Why Do Men Drip On Floors?

In recent days I have been forced to use a unisex toilet. First in the hospital while waiting for attention and in the second in an X-ray facility. On both occasions there were drip stains on the floor and they stunk. That means the pollutant sticks to shoes and is carried by them into other situations as well as making them smelly. The point is that men have the ability to use toilet paper but something prevents them from doing so.

If they are so careless about that part of their hygiene what abut washing their hands? It stands to reason that most of them would probably not even consider it. They then handle the lock and door handle making it dirty with possible faecal material and urine residue.

The facts about spreading germs and causing illnesses in other people because of their bad habits obviously is not in the agenda. There are no signs to suggest they clean themselves properly and wash afterwards, so why not at least put these up to remind them that they are not the only ones using the resource.

The next point would be about the need for unisex toilets when it is the women who must up with these things. But other men have to tolerate it as well.

This is a health matter and one that needs to be addressed. Sick people especially don’t need enter such a foul-smelling place because there is no where else to go. If they have to vomit the thought of bending over the toilet and being engulfed with that stink is beyond thinking about. In a hospital emergency department so many must have met this problem.